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Join our Global Giving Circle

A life-changing invitation to help African women create healthy, thriving families, and an HIV-free generation.

mothers2mothers’ Global Giving Circle is a community of informed, compassionate philanthropists from around the globe, committed to our mission of providing health, hope, and an HIV-free future. GGC members play a unique role as partners and advocates in our mission to make a healthy, HIV-free generation a reality and give African mothers and communities the tools they need to raise healthy, thriving families.

golden giving circle

Your support can make a difference. 

The Global Giving Circle (GGC) is a community of like-minded philanthropist from around the world. By joining us, not only will you become a key member of the m2m family, you will also be able to maximise the impact of your giving and make a real, lasting difference to the lives of women, children, and families across sub-Saharan Africa.  

 “I’m proud to be part of the Global Giving Circle—we can have so much more impact as a collective than we can on our own. I’ve seen first-hand how transformative and sustainable m2m’s work is to a woman and her community—when you train and employ a woman living with HIV it unlocks her own power to challenge boundaries and lift up the next generation. Each and every m2m Mentor Mother is a change agent and champion for empowerment.”  

Annie Lennox, m2m Patron and GGC Member 

This collective commitment is invaluable to m2m as it allows us to: 


By creating and testing innovative programmes and solutions.


By boosting out efforts to enter new counties, where securing funding for early phases is vital.


Without these unrestricted funds, m2m cannot access millions of dollars of programme-specific grants.

Joining the m2m family is about believing in women, investing in women, and as they in turn invest in themselves, their families and their communities, build a better future for all. The programme is solidly evidence-based, ensuring all resources have maximum impact. It is an honour to be involved in this journey which is nothing short of inspiring. 

Carolina Manhusen Schwab, Chair, GGC Europe 

Join the Global Giving Circle 

Become a Global Ambassador by committing to make a minimum annual donation of £6,000/$7,500 

We offer multiple membership tiers with benefits at each levelthe more you donate, the greater the impact! 

If you would like to join the GGC or know more, we would love to hear from you! Please contact Robin Smalley (U.S.) at robin.smalley@m2m.org, or Nicola Casey (Europe) at nicola.casey@m2m.org. 

Become part of the m2m family  

By joining the Global Giving Circle (GGC), you will have the opportunity to share in the transformative impact that Mentor Mothers are creating for African families and communities each and every day.  

 “Being part of the Global Giving Circle has afforded my husband and me the opportunity to experience first-hand the possibility of a healthy, HIV free future. As parents of four small children, spending time in the company of extraordinary Mentor Mothers, who are transforming lives and families at scale, makes the mission of m2m personal, tangible and palpable. I hope you’ll join me in being amazed.” 

Leslie Brunner, Co-Chair, Global Giving Circle U.S. 

The Global Giving Circle offers my husband and opportunities to interact with those who share our commitment to a healthy, HIV-free generation. Joining other Global Giving Circle members for the m2m immersive experience was particularly rewarding; we left Cape Town with a reinforced commitment to m2m, and having made new friendships with like-minded humans who also wish to perpetuate the incredible work that m2m is accomplishing.” 

Ariel Knowles, Co-Chair, Global Giving Circle U.S. 

What you will get as a GGC member: 

  • Annual m2m immersive visit to see first-hand the powerful impact of your giving*; 
  • Exclusive insider opportunities to learn about our countries of operations, get to know the remarkable women working on the frontlines, and meet our senior staff; 
  • Networking and social opportunities to connect with other GGC members; 
  • Priority invitations to special events; 
  • Access to a dedicated team at m2m to keep you current on our work; 
  • Acknowledgement in our Annual Report**. 

 *Subject to COVID-19 travel restrictions. At m2m, our priority is ensuring the safety of our frontline staff and clients.  

**Subject to member written? consent          

Our Events

Some of the highlights of 2020:

A panel discussion with inspiring young activists

In October, we hosted a conversation with extraordinary young activists who are mobilising and leading their peers to shape a better future. The event was part of m2m’s annual She’s Got The Power campaign. You can watch it here!

A GGC Virtual cook-a-thon

In May, members from around the globe joined a virtual cooking class featuring chef Zoe Adjonyoh. Participants had the opporttunity to immerse themselves in the cultures of Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda, as they learned to prepare delicious meals.

To attend one of our events and learn more about joining the GGC, please email Robin Smalley (U.S.) at robin.smalley@m2m.org, or Nicola Casey (Europe) at nicola.casey@m2m.org. We would love to hear from you! 

Meet the GGC Family

Meet the global network of remarkable philanthropists supporting our work. 

When I founded m2m in 2001, I could only dream of collaborating with such a wonderful community of philanthropists. Twenty years later, I am delighted to have the support of the Global Giving Circle. With their passion for m2m’s work they are like family. They inspire me and the entire m2m team with their compassion and generosity. The Global Giving Circle has allowed us to innovate and expand our work, so we can reach even more women, girls, mothers and their families who might otherwise have been left behind. I think this is worth recognising and celebrating.  

Dr. Mitch Besser, m2m Founder and Global Giving Circle Member 


Leslie Brunner— Co-Chair, Global Giving Circle U.S.

Leslie is the Chief People Officer at Devoted Health, a Medicare Advantage health plan that is redefining the way healthcare for seniors is delivered, paid for, and experienced. Prior to joining Devoted, Leslie served as the President of MiniLuxe, a company transforming nail care by integrating technology, data analytics and career pathing, while offering an elevated client experience. Before that, Leslie was on the founding team of the healthcare technology company, athenahealth, servicing in a variety of senior leadership roles.   


Ariel Knowles—Co-Chair, Global Giving Circle U.S.

Ariel grew up in Wisconsin, U.S. Ariel and her husband, Jason Wortendyke, live in Chicago with their two young daughters. Ariel has spent her career working in finance roles in the U.S., Hong Kong, and London. Most recently, she was Senior Finance Manager for Interior Define, a Chicago-based omni-channel home furnishings retailer. Ariel and Jason were introduced to m2m by fellow Global Giving Circle members Carolina Manhusen Schwab and Martin Schwab, and they became deeply involved with m2m around the Immersive Experience. Ariel looks forward to completing a cycling challenge with m2m in Africa in the future. 


Carolina Manhusen Schwab—Chair, Global Giving Circle Europe

Carolina is an economist with experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. She is currently President of the Ocean Born Foundation, and sits on the Board of Ocean Beer and WOW. She began her career at the Inter-American Development Bank, working on women’s empowerment and microenterprise projects and later joined Merrill Lynch Investment Banking, where she was involved in mergers & acquisitions in the energy and power sectors. She has founded three businesses, and has volunteered with and supports numerous organisations in Europe and South America. Of Swedish and Argentinian descent, Carolina speaks five languages and has two Master’s degrees in Economics and in Development Studies. 


Global Giving Circle U.S. Members 

  • Laura Bartlett
  • Debbie Bickerstaff
  • Leslie Brunner
  • Ryan Wise
  • Gavin Corcoran
  • Cindy Fluxgold
  • Colin Freund
  • Jennifer Hill
  • Nancy Gallt
  • Judith Gluckstern
  • Steven Glucktern
  • Ora Gordon
  • Colleen Hancock
  • Ariel Knowles
  • Jason Wortendyke
  • Edward Matthews
  • Rhett McLaughlin
  • Jessie McLaughlin
  • Susan Oberndorf
  • William Oberndorf
  • Terry Peigh
  • Meena Ravella
  • Julia Ruchman
  • Kate Schachern
  • Charles Seiber
  • Emily West

Global Giving Circle Europe Members 

  • Mitch Besser
  • Annie Lennox
  • Pat Fernandes
  • Phanella Fine
  • Marigo Kehoe
  • Derek Lubner
  • Janet Lubner
  • Michael Marsh
  • Charles McGregor
  • Carolina Manhusen Schwab
  • Martin Schwab
  • Esteban Skare
  • Maartje Skare-Hessels
  • Carl Stewart
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