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An urgent appeal from Nozi Samela

From 19th to 25th December 2021, mothers2mothers (m2m) was honoured to be featured in a BBC Radio 4 Appeal.

This weekly three-minute programme on the prestigious radio station was an exciting opportunity for m2m to showcase our work with a new audience, and appeal to the station’s weekly 1.84M listeners for donations to support our work.

Delivering the Appeal was former m2m client and Mentor Mother, Nozi Samela, who shared how a terrifying HIV diagnosis at just 19 during a routine pregnancy check-up, turned into a new life full of health and potential, thanks to the education and compassionate support she received from m2m Mentor Mothers—the inspiring women living with HIV employed by m2m as frontline health workers.

If you missed it, you can listen to Nozi’s appeal on the BBC Radio 4 website by clicking on the LISTEN button below. You can still donate today from wherever you are to help ensure m2m’s African female health workers have the support they need to realise their dream of a healthy, HIV-free world by 2030.

Why you should not miss it

A message from m2m’s brand new Ambassador, Sabrina Elba

m2m’s newest Ambassador, Producer, Model, and Activist Sabrina Elba, shares why she is excited about the Appeal, and what drew her to m2m’s work.

Why your donations are important

“My Mentor Mother’s advice saved my life and that of my son Nathaniel. I am now able to see a bright future for him with all the opportunities I didn’t have for myself.”

Ana Lucas, m2m client, Mozambique

For millions of people across sub-Saharan Africa like Ana Lucas in Mozambique, being able to access the quality healthcare they need, wherever and whenever they need it, is not always a reality. Due to a toxic combination of misinformation, stigma, lack of education, and deeply stretched health centres and doctors and nurses, many are left without the care they need.

By employing local women living with HIV as frontline health workers to guide other women and their families on the journey to good health, m2m is building a healthy, thriving Africa.

What your support could do


could purchase one uniform for an m2m Mentor Mother, ensuring she is easily recognised as someone who can address and help tackle her peers’ health concerns, and eroding stigma and challenging discrimination by living openly with HIV.


could help fund two support groups for up to 30 women living with HIV where they can openly talk about health and personal issues they are facing in a safe and private space, without fear or stigma.

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