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What We Do

mothers2mothers (m2m) employs women living with HIV as Community Health Workers called Mentor Mothers.
m2m Mentor Mothers work both at health facilities and door-to-door to improve the health of communities across ten African nations.
They deliver life-changing services to women, children, adolescents, and entire families.
This Model improves health of communities, while delivering meaningful employment for women living with HIV.
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m2m is working towards the following United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): helping end the HIV/AIDS epidemic, ensuring good health, well-being, and decent work opportunities for everyone, and achieving gender equality by 2030.

But much work lies ahead to achieve these goals…


more healthcare workers are needed to meet sub-Saharan Africa’s needs.







How m2m Makes A Difference

mothers2mothers (m2m) ensures one of Africa’s greatest strengths—its women—are at the heart of our work to end AIDS, bring health and hope to families and communities, and create a thriving, healthy Africa.

Why m2m is uniquely placed…

Peers Helping Peers

From the same community as their clients, Mentor Mothers have a deep understanding of the social and cultural challenges on their journey to good health. The trusted relationships that Mentor Mothers develop with their clients are unparalleled in maternal and child healthcare in Africa.

Ensuring Our Clients Stay in Care

We keep our clients in care for the long term—supporting them to start and access services, adhere to treatment, and stay in care.

An Integrated Approach

We serve entire families, not just a woman or her child. We deliver our services where our clients are—meaning we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with doctors and nurses in health facilities, and go door-to-door in local communities.

Evidence-based Decision Making

By combining cutting-edge mHealth tools with rigorous data analysis to track our progress and measure our impact, we can quickly address service issues, develop best practices, and evolve our programming.

Powerful Track Record of Experience and Impact

m2m was founded in 2001, almost two decades ago. During this time we have revised and improved our model, expanded our services, and proven our impact. With over 11M women and children reached, and the achievement of virtual elimination of mother-to-child transmission for our clients, the numbers speak for themselves.

Strong Partnerships

To increase our scale and impact, we build deep relationships with governments and other NGOs to deliver our services. We also provide “technical assistance” services, such as training, monitoring, and research. We believe we can go both further and faster when we go together.

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