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Here's what your fundraising goals can achieve:

£500/$650 – this could pay for a Mentor Mother to be trained on mobile health and our new, and improved, e-Services, equipping her with the technology needed to effectively track clients and ensure no one is left behind.

£1,000/$1,300 – this could screen over 80 women for cervical cancer in rural Uganda, some of whom are facing an increased risk due to their HIV status, helping to detect the disease at an early stage when treatment is most likely to be successful.

£5,000/$6,500 – this could train up to 300 Mentor Mothers to run Village Savings and Loans Association sessions, equipping women in their communities with the tools to take charge of their finances, shape their futures, and achieve economic independence that changes lives.

£10,000/$13,000 – this could train 10 women living with HIV as m2m Mentor Mothers, opening a world of opportunities and unlocking their potential to become change-makers and role models in their communities.

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