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m2m’s new Partnership with Influential Bloggers

What do bloggers who write about culture, travel, home decorating, parenting, work, healthy living, fashion, and beauty have in common with the HIV-positive women we work with in Africa? They care deeply about promoting healthy motherhood and making sure that every child everywhere is born free of HIV. This team of eleven accomplished bloggers is supporting our mothers in Africa with an exciting new monthly blog on our website, called Mums the Word.
PicMonkey_Collage“mothers2mothers believes there is a powerful connection between the hopes and dreams of the HIV-positive mothers we work with in sub-Saharan Africa and mothers around the world – namely, the desire of every mother everywhere to have a healthy baby and be there for her children as they grow. We are excited to partner with these amazing bloggers to make these connections, and raise awareness about efforts to eliminate paediatric AIDS and keep HIV-positive mothers alive,” says Robin Smalley, Co-Founder and Director of m2m U.S.alt
The eleven bloggers were brought together earlier this year by Holly Rosen Fink of Culture Mom Media who specialises in social media outreach. Holly met Robin at a conference and found an immediate connection between m2m’s work to create an HIV-free generation and her passion for making a difference in the world around her, both at home and abroad. In a short time, Holly was able to make one of m2m’s goals a reality — engaging influential bloggers in our mission.
“Our vision in creating this group of amazing influencers whose voices are heard around the world through their work was two-fold. One of our goals is to educate the general public about an issue many don’t know is so prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa and around the world. mothers2mothers is right there on the front lines and by joining forces, we can spread their message and help reach people who care and who support their mission of eliminating mother-to-child transmission of HIV, ” says Fink.
“Our other goal is to empower the women we’ve brought on board by working directly with an organisation dedicated to mothers and children. Each influencer was chosen carefully and came aboard with the same interest and goal that I have, which is to use our social media for a purpose,” she adds.
In the monthly blog, the bloggers capture universal themes of healthy motherhood, mothers’ dreams, and the power of mothers to solve many of life’s big and little challenges and provide hope for the future. The inaugural Mums the Word post, titled The Real Mommy War, was written by Cristie Ritz-King of The Right Hand Mom. Nancy Friedman, whose own blog is called From Hip to Housewife, wrote the second blog just before Mother’s Day – a humorous and heartfelt post titled Hate Mother’s Day? You’re not Alone. (but here’s how not to).
Read our Mums the Word Blog.

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