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Mother’s Day celebrations in the UK

The week before Mother’s Day in the UK (31st March), we were thrilled to join forces with Peanut for an early celebration at the beautiful Petersham Nurseries in London’s Covent Garden. Peanut is an online app which helps connect likeminded mothers – creating a space for women to share, talk and support one another.

m2m’s Emma France talking to guests. Photo by Getty Images

Liz Matthews from Liz Matthews PR, m2m’s Emma France and m2m Patron Rochelle Humes all spoke about the power of connections and the brilliant things that happen when women come together to support other women—the very essence of what both mothers2mothers (m2m) and Peanut are about.

m2m employs and trains HIV-positive women as Mentor Mothers, frontline healthcare workers who deliver services, advice and support to women and their families. Since m2m first began in 2001, it has created over 10,000 jobs for HIV-positive women across sub-Saharan Africa. Mentor Mothers have deep personal experience of the challenges their clients are facing and can offer a level of support that only comes from shared experience.

Emma France with m2m Patron Rochelle Humes. Photo by Getty Images

“There is something really unifying about motherhood, about finding that other woman who is going through the same things that you are and who relates to you – it breaks down barriers, whether you are a mum in London or in Lilongwe in Malawi”, said Emma France, Global Development and Strategic Engagement Director.

Reflecting on a visit to an m2m site in Kenya, Rochelle Humes said: “Life, and motherhood, is easier if you have a support network. I saw how Mentor Mothers become like sisters to their clients – the women they help can relate and feel like they are at home.”

To everyone celebrating in the UK – Happy Mother’s Day!

If you are inspired to host an event to celebrate the Wonder Women in your life, email [email protected] for more information.

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