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Mother’s Day Reflections from Lesotho

This Mother’s Day, m2m Country Director Frida Kabaso reflects on the power of the mothers she works with in Lesotho.

Mentor Mother visits clients in Linakeng, a rural community in Lesotho.

I know that this weekend is a special one in many countries around the world with the celebration of Mother’s Day. As Country Director of mothers2mothers (m2m) in Lesotho (often called the Mountain Kingdom), I witness the power of mothers to move mountains every day. And so, as you celebrate mothers, I want to tell you about the remarkable work of m2m’s Mentor Mothers in Lesotho. 

We have worked in Lesotho since 2007, and we started with a dedicated focus on ending mother-to-child transmission of HIV. Fast forward 12 years, over 300 Mentor Mothers are employed in the country today. These Wonder Women are still working to end pediatric AIDS, but now also deliver a broader range of services designed to ensure entire families thrive…and they enroll around 100,000 new clients each year. This is no mean feat, especially when you consider the weather. Winters in Lesotho are so cold and summers so hot that it makes it difficult to walk around. 

Liako Serobanyane

Community Mentor Mother Liako Serobanyane in Lesotho

But this doesn’t stop m2m’s Community Mentor Mothers, who brave every weather condition, sometimes walking for miles to reach rural communities, to help women and families access vital, lifesaving medical care. “Even when I feel so tired and want to stay in the comfort of my warm house, I remember the warm hugs that I receive from clients and feel so energized. I immediately gather my courage to brave the cold and go out in the community knowing that my visit may be a life-changing experience for someone,” says Liako Serobanyane, a Community Mentor Mother in Lesotho. 

And life-changing it is—Liako and the army of Mentor Mothers have achieved virtual elimination of the transmission of HIV from a mother to her child among their clients with a transmission rate of 1.3%, compared to the national average of 12.4%.

These Mentor Mothers could not move this many mountains without the generous support of our donors and partners. Your support is vital to the health and wellbeing of so many women, children, and adolescents in Lesotho. Thank you!

From everyone at m2m Lesotho, we wish you and your loved ones a very special Mother’s Day. And if you are one of those women moving mountains in your own family or community, the Mentor Mothers in Lesotho stand with you and thank you for everything you do.  Kea Le Bonga.


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