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Spotlight Series: Scaling And Deepening Our Services

mothers2mothers (m2m) recently unveiled its 2022-2026 Strategic Plan—which will see us continue our evolution from a peer education and health services organisation to one focused on delivering integrated primary health care services. We have listened to the needs of the communities we serve, and are broadening the health areas we address using our proven, peer-led model.  

Going beyond HIV

Ending HIV/AIDS and providing life-saving reproductive, maternal, child, and adolescent services remains a key focus of our work. In addition, m2m’s range of services is expanding and deepening to tackle life-threatening, health issues that pose major risks for people living with HIV and people living in poor and marginalised settings—all with the aim of building a fairer, healthier future. These will include tuberculosis, malaria, and noncommunicable diseases (such as diabetes, hypertension, and cervical cancer). 

An m2m Mentor Mother interacts with an m2m Nurse as they deliver care for clients in an antenatal clinic in Lesotho—services going beyond HIV.

A Mentor Mother working with an m2m Nurse in a clinic in Lesotho.


Why? Because not only are these health conditions all disproportionately impacting the well-being and potential of the communities we work with—they are also entirely preventable and treatable by skilled community health workers, working closely with other health professionals.


m2m clients in Uganda posing with their children, flashing smiles to the camera and looking healthy. The services they will receive from m2m are going beyond HIV, to provide truly person-centered care.

Health for all brings opportunity for all.

Building healthier, fairer communities

By delivering health care to families that need it most, we will create a foundation for opportunity in African communities that ultimately leads to a healthier, fairer world. That is why the principles that have made the Mentor Mother Model so impactful over the last two decades—peer-led, people-centred, and powered by women—will remain at the core of what we do to deliver this new mission. Through integrated primary health care services and continued efforts on education and support, early detection, referrals, diagnosis, treatment, and mobilisation, Mentor Mothers will ensure that women, adolescents, children, and special populations—our four client groups—get the services they need and stay in care for the long term.

Find out more about our new strategy here, and follow this spotlight series over the coming weeks as we take a deep dive into tuberculosis, malaria, and noncommunicable diseases, and how m2m’s community health workers will be supporting their peers to prevent and overcome these health challenges.   

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