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m2m Unveils Refreshed Vision and Mission

As Mentor Mothers’ roles evolve through m2m’s Enhanced Programme Model, so too is the language that guides and motivates our work.
Earlier this summer CEO Frank Beadle de Palomo unveiled a refreshed vision and mission for m2m that reflect the inspiring new responsibilities of Mentor Mothers as essential frontline healthcare workers.

Mothers living with HIV, the Mentor Mother Model, and the goal of eliminating paediatric AIDS – our founding purpose and priority – remain at the heart of our new vision and mission, which now reflect both our fidelity to our original goals and our aspiration to further help mothers, their families, and communities thrive. 
Vision and mission statements help an organisation concisely represent its goals, values, and approaches, and rally a team to achieve shared objectives.  Thus, the staff at mothers2mothers worked together during the first half of this year to revise our vision and mission statements to reflect the evolving nature of our work going forward.
m2m’s enhanced approach will provide education, support, and referrals on a wide range of health issues important to our clients, including cervical cancer, TB, malaria, and maternal and infant nutrition.  Moreover, this more comprehensive menu of services anchors our redoubled efforts on retaining women in services—they continue to come back for appointments and adhere to their HIV treatment because a more complete set of their needs are met.  The expansion of Mentor Mother services into these areas will help improve the health and wellbeing of mothers, babies, and their families, and nurture healthy communities.  I hope you find our refreshed vision and mission as inspiring as I do. – Frank Beadle de Palomo.
Vision: We believe in the power of women to eliminate paediatric AIDS and create health and hope for themselves and their babies, families, and communities
Mission: Our mission is to impact the health of mothers by putting them at the heart of improving reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health. Our Mentor Mother Model empowers mothers living with HIV, through education and employment, as role models to help other women access essential services and medical care.
Through this Mentor Mother Model, we work with governments, local partners, and communities to:

Eliminate HIV infections in children
Reduce maternal and child mortality
Advance healthy development of newborns and children
Improve the health of women, their partners, and families
Promote universal access to reproductive health and family planning
Reduce stigma and discrimination
Promote gender equality
Support livelihood development for families and communities
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