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The Wall Street Journal, In South Africa, HIV-Positive Mothers Help Others Fight AIDS, 26 December 2014
Health-e News, Changing HIV treatment for expecting mums changes more than pills, 3 December 2014
Mail Online, The HIV positive woman who finally has the family she always longed for: Mother lost two babies to AIDS but is now parent to a healthy boy and girl, 3 December 2014
BBC News, Johanna Satekge Interview on World AIDS Day, 1 December 2014
Maire Claire, Celebrate mothers2mothers:Fighting to reduce HIV/AIDS rates in children, 1 December 2014
Mail Online: Mollie King at mothers2mothers World AIDS day charity event, 1 December 2014
Global Moms Challenge: Ending AIDS – It’s Time to Close the Gap, 1 December 2014
Reuters: South African mother turns tragedy into fight against HIV – Thomson Reuters Foundation, 28 November 2014
Huffington Post: Countdown to Zero, 24 November 2014
NPR: Grannies Taking Care Of Grannies Is Good For Everyone, 4 November 2014 
BabyCenter: BabyCenter and m2m partner to help reduce pediatric AIDS, 31 October 2014 
HELLO! Magazine: Victoria Beckham tells of her life-changing trip to soweto and the heart-breaking stories of the children she is determined ot help, 20 October 2014 
The Huffington Post: 10 Times Women Were Anything But Underrepresented During U.N. Week, 25 September 2014 
FHI 360: Youth involvement and mentorship as a way of preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV, 26 September 2014 
NPR: A Happy Marriage, A Terrible Secret, A Healthy Baby, 11 September 2014 
Lavan Guardia: Victoria Beckham vende su armario, 21 August 2014 
Guten Morgen Deutschland: Victoria Beckham Charity Sale, 20 August 2014 
Channel 5 news: Buy it like Beckham – how you can own a slice of Posh’s fashion back catalogue, 20 August 2014 
Daily Mail: Buy it like Beckham! Victoria set to auction off iconic items from her wardrobe including designer dress she wore for double date with David, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, 20 August 2014 
Telegraph: Victoria Beckham’s The Outnet charity auction begins, 20 August 2014 
Expresso: Victoria Beckham, 19 August 2014 
Financial Times: Victoria Beckham auction for Mothers2Mothers, 18 August 2014 
The Sunday Telegraph: Victoria Beckham to sell more than 600 pieces from her wardrobe to aid charity mothers2mothers, 17 August 2014 
CCTV America: De-stigmatizing HIV and AIDS, 16 August 2014 
Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE: The 10 most iconic outfits from Victoria Beckham’s charity clothes auction – and how YOU can get your hands them! 14 August 2014 
Hello Magazine: Taking Hello! On A Fashion Trip Down Memory Lane Victoria Beckham Tells How Being A Mum Inspired Her to Part with 600 Treasured Items from Her Wardrobe, 11 August 2014
The Guardian: Victoria Beckham’s frock sale: money for old robes?, 9 August 2014
Vogue: Victoria Beckham Opens Her Wardrobe, 5 August 2014
Reuters: Victoria Beckham dress sale to benefit African mothers with HIV, 5 August 2014
New York Post: Victoria Beckham clothing auction to benefit African mothers with HIV, 5 August 2014
New York Daily News: Victoria Beckham to sell 600 private pieces of clothing via The Outnet, 5 August 2014
MSN Germany: Victoria Beckham unterstützt Charity, 5 August 2014
InStyle: Now’s Your Chance to Raid Victoria Beckham’s Closet—She’s Selling 600 Pieces for Charity, 5 August 2014
Huffington Post: Victoria Beckham Is Selling Her Wardrobe And Our ’90s Selves Just Can’t Handle It, 5 August 2014
Grazia Daily: EXCLUSIVE: Victoria Beckham On Why She’s Selling Off Her 600-Piece Wardrobe, 5 August 2014
Glamour: Shop Victoria Beckham’s Closet—She’s Selling 600 Pieces (!!) on the Outnet, 5 August 2014
Gala: Liebe Familie, was kann weg?, 5 August 2014
Elle: You Can Raid Victoria Beckham’s Closet for Charity, 5 August 2014
allAfrica: Victoria Beckham & THEOUTNET.COM present a Charity Sale for mothers2mothers, 5 August 2014
The Financial Times Magazine: Mothers of Innovation by Geraldine Bedell, 13 July 2014
New York Times: Cuomo Plan Seeks to End New York’s AIDS Epidemic, 28 June 2014
CSI News: CSI in Africa: challenges and learnings, 10 June 2014
Alliance Magazine: Impact – not organizations – first, June 2014
The Huffington Post: Social Innovation Summit 2014: The Power of Peer Impact, 6 May 2014
The Week UK: Charity of the Week – mothers2mothers (m2m), 30 May 2014
msn News: mothers2mothers (m2m), 30 May 2014
NBC News: A Daughter’s Journey: Reflections on Mother’s Day, 11 May 2014
Vogue: The Fashion Industry Teams Up with Born Free in the Fight Against AIDS, May 2014
Vogue: Photo Diary: Victoria Beckham Travels to South Africa in the Fight Against Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission, May 2014
Women’s Wear Daily: Fashion’s New Focus: A Generation Born HIV-Free, 23 April 2014
Good Morning America: Ryan Lewis Opens Up About Mom’s Struggle With HIV, 23 April 2014
People magazine: 40 Facts About Me by Victoria Beckham, 18 April 2014
The East and Southern Africa regional interagency task team (IATT): Final Report: Second Stock-taking meeting of East and Southern Africa priority countries on the Global Plan towards the elimination of new HIV infections among children by 2015 and keeping their mothers alive, 8 April 2014
BabyCenter: I view mothers with awe, 21 March 2014
Cleveland.com: Hyland Software sees international business booming in a world on a smartphone, 14 March 2014
Mail Online: Victoria Beckham visits Cape Town to support Born Free initiative to end mother to child HIV transmission, 25 February 2014
D Blog: Defining your End-Game: The “new normal” for nonprofit impact, 14 February 2014
Stanford Social Innovation Review: Fundraising Is Fundamental (If Not Always Fun), Spring 2014
Stanford Social Innovation Review: A Better Board Will Make You Better, Spring 2014
Stanford Social Innovation Review: Fundamentals, Not Fads, Spring 2014
PLOS: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating the
Efficacy of Peer Mentors to Support South African
Women Living with HIV and Their Infants, 22 January 2014

Mail&Guardian: Breastfeeding Safely with HIV, 15 January 2014

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