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Victoria Beckham Presents Global Gift Foundation Award to m2m

The 6th edition of the Global Gift Gala was hosted by Honoree Chair, Actress, and Philanthropist, Eva Longoria on the eve of World AIDS Day in London. mothers2mothers (m2m) was honoured at the Gala with the Global Gift Foundation Our Heroes Award, which was presented to mothers2mothers (m2m) Founder Dr. Mitch Besser by UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador, Victoria Beckham.
Speaking about the first time she visited m2m’s programme in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2013, Victoria Beckham remarked, “I was simply blown away by mothers2mothers’ focus, belief, and wonderful approach to empowering women and mothers living with HIV.”
Upon receiving the award, Mitch expressed his appreciation of the Foundation. “On behalf of mothers2mothers, thank you. We are deeply indebted to the founders of the Global Gift Foundation, Alina and Maria, for this extraordinary recognition. I also want to thank Eva Longoria, our host, for her dedication to this effort; and my good friend, Victoria, for being here and her kind words,.”
He went onto say, “By training I am an obstetrician. I know well what it’s like to bring a new life into the world. Most often I don’t see what happens after a mother, baby and family leave the hospital. With mothers2mothers it’s been different. While I was there at the beginning with mothers2mothers, I’ve also had an opportunity to view what m2m has become. And like a proud parent, I’ve been able to watch in wonder and amazement.
“Working with the most extraordinary women, mothers living with HIV, I see women who get up, get dressed and go to work every day in hospitals and clinics and communicates in Africa; taking care of pregnant women and new mothers struggling to understand how best they can take care of themselves and their babies.
“We know if a mother gets an HIV test during pregnancy, and if she is positive gets medicine during the pregnancy and stays on anti-HIV/AID medicines while breastfeeding her baby, her baby will be born HIV negative and can lead a long, normal life.
“mothers2mothers is reaching nearly 400,000 women each year. We’ve cared for more than 1.3 million mothers living with HIV in our 15 year history.
“I see all these women as heroes and leaders – Mentor Mothers and their patients alike demonstrating to their families, to their communities and to the world that to have HIV is not to be different; it’s a part of the fabric of a family and a community and the world in which we all live.”
In his closing remarks, Mitch said, “I am grateful that mothers2mothers has been able to play a small part in ensuring that mothers and their children live positively can live looking ahead to a future with possibilities; and can teach us all how to overcome obstacles.”

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