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Vild House of Little Launches New Space-themed Collection Benefitting m2m

Last week, Vild – House of Little, in partnership with World Space Week, invited 50 influential mothers to celebrate girls in science and launch their new limited edition space print collection – OUTER SPACE-Vild Lab No. 5. With all proceeds from the collection going directly to support the work of mothers2mothers (m2m), this was a special occasion for championing women and girls all over the world who are generating change.

Kasia Bailey, speaking to guests about the work of m2m

Organised and curated by the brilliant Female Narratives, guests were treated to an immersive space theme that included inflatable planets and astrological canapes. The evening was filled with inspirational guest speakers, including Kasia Bailey, Corporate Partnerships Manager at m2m, who delivered a poignant speech at the start of the evening. Highlighting the impact that the proceeds from this collection will have, she spoke about the challenges that are currently facing many young mothers and girls in sub-Saharan Africa who are one of the most impacted population segments of the ongoing AIDS epidemic. According to UNAIDS, nearly 7,000 adolescent girls and young women, aged 15-24, are infected with HIV each week globally, the majority in sub-Saharan Africa.*

In 2016, m2m and its partners reached 1.95 million new clients, including women, children, adolescents, and men. m2m provided direct services to almost 220,000 adolescent girls and young women, providing them with the tools to not only make healthy choices for themselves, but also influence their peers to do the same. They, like the young girls journeying into scientific discovery, are trailblazing the way for generations to come.

Designers Allison Mitchell and Sofia Skold were inspired to create the Outer Space collection by exploration, curious girls, and game-changing women, some of whom spoke at the event. Bex Cotes Science Communicator at TWINKLE Space Mission and ARIEL Space Mission, talked about the ongoing search for life on exoplanets. Sheridan Ash, Technology and Investments Director at PWC, emphasised to the audience the importance of inspiring girls into science and technology careers. “We need to encourage girls to look for careers in tech because that is the future and women need to have a say in our future,” she said. With only 14% of Engineering & Technology graduates being female in the UK alone** there is clearly still a long way to go, but it’s reassuring to hear how the goalposts are shifting.

Dr Emma Chapman, Winner of the L’Oreal Women in Science Award 2017, is just one of the innovators leading the way. Emma’s rallying call for the night was “Let’s flood the system with your confident smart women.”

m2m’s Kasia Bailey and Katie Stokes (center) celebrating the launch of Vild’s new Outer Space collection

m2m is incredibly grateful to Vild for their partnership and ongoing commitment. Providing a sustainable solution that supports healthy and happy childhoods is at the very core of Vild’s brand. From the night of their launch, they have already raised an incredible £1,000 towards m2m’s work to eliminate paediatric AIDS and create healthy families. Vild’s generous support will help m2m to continue providing hope for communities and empowering future generations of young women.

The new Vild Lab No.5 – Outer Space collection is available now online – www.vildhouseoflittle.com

* UNAIDS Data, 2017
** Figure from the Wise Campaign for Gender Balance in Science, Technology & Engineering – https://www.wisecampaign.org.uk/resources/tag/statistics

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