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mothers2mothers in the New York Times

Columnist Tina Rosenberg highlights the heroic story of Kenyan mothers2mothers (m2m) Mentor Mother,Teresa Njeri, through the past lens of the HIV epidemic, positioning m2m in several key and new areas, including:

  • Highlighting the strength of Mentor Mothers’ work in our flagship clinic-based programme
  • Reinforcing that our Mentor Mothers are not volunteers and the importance of paying them as reinforced with a wonderful ending quote from Dr. Sirengo, head of the national AIDS programme in Kenya
  • Extending understanding of our Community component
  • Drawing attention to our work in retention and adherence and the need for stronger and longer support post-delivery, and when supporting treatment for life
  • Trumpeting the excellent data from our Uganda cost-benefit analysis, including the cost-saving conclusion of the program saving $11.40 in averted treatment costs
  • Focusing on our market penetration

Regarding the old question of data quality raised in the article, we encourage and have always welcomed comment and conversation. The data mentioned was gathered years ago, at a time when we were less able to deal with the challenges of double-counting clients at multiple clinics. We have learned much since then, and have continually been improving our counts, even while the challenges of women presenting at multiple clinics still exists. Our data systems and analyses have never been stronger, and we are proud to continue sharing them with the world.


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