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m2m’s Minutes for Mentor Mothers Challenge Kicks Off

mothers2mothers’ (m2m) Minutes for Mentor Mothers is off and running! This unique time-based challenge is taking place virtually from the 10th to 30th of September with participants from around the globe—including Canada, Lesotho, Germany, South Africa, USA, UK, and more. They taking the opportunity to support the vital work of the 1,800 m2m Mentor Mothers who are employed as frontline health workers across sub-Saharan Africa, while doing the things they love—including cycling, rowing, practicing yoga, running, meditating, and even learning a new language.  

Why is the challenge focused on time? Because it only takes a matter of minutes to change someone’s life.  

The last year has reminded us all that time is precious and that every single minute counts. After all, we have learned not to take for granted the time we get to spend with loved ones. The time we get to do the things we love. The time we get to support someone who might need it the most. 

Through this new challenge, participants are making that time count again by getting their family, friends, and colleagues to sponsor them for donating their own minutes to m2m’s Mentor Mothers. Mentor Mothers spend countless hours working to transform the lives of their peers and creating a healthy, thriving future for themselves and the wider community. The dual pandemics of COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS have meant that the time they spend connecting with their clients—whether over the phone or in person—and providing lifesaving health education and support has never been more critical.  

To find out more about Minutes for Mentor Mothers and sign up, click here. It’s not too late to dedicate your time and raise the vital funds necessary to make sure Mentor Mothers have the time to make a huge difference in their communities. Find out how: 

How 15 minutes makes a difference:

How 30 minutes makes a difference:

How 60 minutes makes a difference:

Visit the Minutes for Mentor Mothers challenge

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