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m2m's Mothers of Innovation

MoI MM with circlem2m Mentor Mother Dorcas Inyele from Kenya is one of the incredible mothers featured in Geraldine Bedell’s Mothers of Innovation report that looks at “mother-innovators around the world, both commercial and social, and seeks to identify the skills and capabilities that connect them.” The report was launched at the Mothers of Innovation Conference that took place at Microsoft HQ in London on 19th June and included speakers from all over the world.
The report credits m2m with mobilising mothers “to reach the parts that medicine alone cannot reach.”  It goes to explain that “healthcare is about more than getting people to take drugs and mothers2mothers shows what an enormous impact the social aspects of healthcare can have. The medical and scientific knowledge only became effective when combined with the power of mothers to support each other.”
Speaking at the conference on Thursday, Bedell cited mothers2mothers as one of the models that has contributed to the rise in “the transfer of innovation from the developing world to the developed world.” Click here to download the full report.  The section on m2m starts on p.41, Chapter 5.

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