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ExxonMobil and m2m partnership in Mozambique

Since 2019, ExxonMobil Moçambique, Limitada (EMML) and mothers2mothers (m2m) have been partnering to ensure a brighter, healthier future for women and children in Mozambique. Through the generous support of ExxonMobil, mothers2mothers is implementing an HIV and PMTCT program at the Matola II health facility in Maputo by employing 20 women living with HIV as Mentor Mothers to deliver vital health services and education.

ExxonMobil and m2m partnership in Mozambique

Since COVID-19 struck, m2m has innovated to include COVID-19 services in our offering, and to make use of digital tools to deliver services remotely when we can’t be with our clients in person. Working both at the health facility and going door-to-door in the community, Mentor Mothers like Rosa Tinga are employed by m2m to share their skills and first-hand experience. 

Mentor Mother from Mozambique, Rosa Tinga, talks to client.

“The most exciting thing about my work is getting mothers to look up to me, everywhere I go I spread joy,” says Rosa. “I talk a lot and let the mothers feel confident in themselves. There are many mothers who are afraid that their husband is going to leave them. I explain to them that the fact that they are HIV-positive should never make them accept to be stepped on or to be humiliated by a man.” 

In the past year, to minimize the transmission of COVID and keep delivering crucial services, m2m adapted its service delivery from face-to-face interaction to using mobile and virtual solutions to ensure retention in care and adherence support.  

exxonmobil and m2m partnership in mozambique

Joaquina Domingo, District Manager at the Matola II site

“Everything is different now,” says Joaquina Domingo, District Manager at the Matola II site. “Before we could hug our clients, and hold them when they need it most, but we had to stop during the state of emergency and carry out our activities remotely. That’s when we introduced the virtual calls and the Tracker programme where mothers would do the virtual visits and record the calls they make to clients.” 

At m2m, we are forever grateful to ExxonMobil for their support–it is only through partnerships like these that mothers2mothers can contribute to building healthy, thriving families and end pediatric AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. Please watch the short video below to learn more about the Exxonmobil and m2m partnership in Mozambique!  

Read more about the ExxonMobil and m2m partnership in Mozambique here.

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