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m2m Co-founder Honoured as a Difference Maker

Robin Smalley, mothers2mothers’ (m2m) Co-founder and Chief Connector, has been named one of the 100 TIAA Difference Makers. TIAA—a leading provider of financial services in the academic, research, government, medical, cultural, and other nonprofit fields in the U.S— is celebrating its 100th anniversary by donating $1million to 100 extraordinary people who are devoting their lives to improving the world and shaping a brighter future for all of us. As part of the recognition, TIAA is donating each awardee $10,000 to help them continue the impactful work they are doing. 

m2m Co-founder Robin Smalley


TIAA recognises Robin’s instrumental role in co-founding m2m and helping to expand its Mentor Mother model from one site in Cape Town, South Africa, to eight countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Robin says she is inspired every day by the HIV-positive mothers employed and trained by m2m as Mentor Mothers, who help to empower other women in their communities to make healthy decisions for their care and that of their families when doctors may not have the time or language to do so. “The face of every beautiful child I see in their villages and townships makes me marvel at the possibilities of their future and the terrible loss we would all have if their light was extinguished,” Robin said. 

To read more about Robin and the other amazing Difference Makers, visit www.TIAADifferenceMaker100.org 

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