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m2m Celebrates Education Success for Mentor Mothers in Uganda

mothers2mothers (m2m) Uganda is celebrating the inspiring achievements of a group of Mentor Mothers who were able to complete their secondary education, thanks to the generous support of the McAlees Scholarship Fund.

We already know of the incredible impact our community health workers are having on families in the communities we serve, often overcoming their own personal hardships first and supporting others through their own experiences. In Uganda, the Mentor Mothers m2m employs are on the frontlines of  addressing the challenges their communities face—supporting pregnant and breastfeeding mothers who are living with HIV to ensure they are healthy and their children are HIV-free, supporting children with disabilities, helping to identify and support clients suffering from TB and other noncommunicable diseases, and breaking down stigma through ongoing education. But their own journeys haven’t always been easy. Many Mentor Mothers had to leave school at a young age due to financial constraints and social pressures.

The McAlees Scholarship Fund, launched in 2021, is changing that narrative. The programme provides financial support and resources for Mentor Mothers to pursue their secondary education. We’re thrilled to share the inspiring story of m2m Spokeswoman and Site Coordinator—Teddy Atim.

Teddy’s dream of education was cut short by family circumstances, but her passion for learning never faded. When she joined m2m in 2014, not only did she receive vital health support but she also found a pathway back to education through the McAlees Scholarship Fund.

Balancing motherhood, work, and school wasn’t easy. Teddy faced societal stigma for being an older student. But her determination and the support system provided by m2m helped her overcome these obstacles; and the hard work paid off. Teddy not only passed her National Level exams but excelled, making her eligible for university studies.


We are incredibly proud of Teddy’s achievement, which serves as a powerful testament to the transformative power of education. The McAlees Scholarship Fund is more than just completing a degree. It’s about enabling our Mentor Mothers’ personal and professional growth, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to reach their full potential. This program directly tackles the high dropout rates faced by Ugandan girls, particularly due to poverty and cultural pressures.

The McAlees Scholarship Fund’s initial success is a promising start. By investing in our Mentor Mothers’ education, we’re not just empowering individuals – we’re strengthening the foundation of our entire organisation. These incredible women are even more equipped to deliver essential health services and inspire positive change within their communities – and their inspiring stories demonstrate that living with HIV neither limits your potential nor your future, quite the opposite!

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